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Jumaat, Mac 26, 2010

hopes from their "hijrah"

also, I consider this coming school year as some time to contemplate about myself and think about my future. As I entered university in malaysia,terengganu and started my campus life, I started to get confused about myself. I did not know what I was doing. I could not have confidence in myself
Days just passed by too ordinarily and I began to think that I was not making any progress.
I gradually figured out that I needed some change in my life and challenge myself for something that is completely ‘different’ from what I had been going through at home.
Bringing myself to a country so far away from my daily life in JOHOR, I am eager to experience anything with all my senses.
I believe that everything that I encounter and absorb here would help me open up my mind to think about who I am, what I want to do, and how I want to be in the future.
Now I am here.
I am here for all my expectations and hopes.
Now that I am here having myself the only one to rely on and believe in, I hope to fulfill all my ambitions. And I know, somehow, that I will achieve something throughout this year here at UMT TERENGGANU,  my College. I look forward for all the things that are waiting for me ahead, and am willing to take all opportunities.

i hopeeeeee...very2 hopeeeeee..........

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