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Isnin, Mac 29, 2010

she is my QUEEN....

As far as my dislikes are concerned I hate getting up early and walk far away to going to the class. I dislike envious and pushy people and hot weather. But I'm happy that I have more things I like than I dislike.
And of course like all people I have someone I admire very much. Such a person for me is my mother. To my mind my mummy isn't an ordinary woman. I can't say that our characters are very alike but usually we understand each other without a word, our views often coincide.
She is always ready to listen to my endless stories about my setbacks, problems and troubles. She encourages me when I doubt my ability, helps to fulfill my aspirations and ambitions or to reach a secret goal.
And in conclusion I'd like to say that I like being me. And I hope that everybody who knows me likes me with all my positive and negative features of character.

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